Suddenly, Out of a Long Sleep

By Lowell Jaeger

many voices press suddenly out of a long sleep lowell jaeger
Suddenly, Out of a Long Sleep by Lowell Jaeger

“Among my favorites in Jaeger’s Suddenly, Out of A Long Sleep, are the poignant poems to his father, a blue collar worker of the 50s-60s, laboring long and deadly hours in a mill, ruining his health to feed a family living on the edge of poverty. Jaeger’s concise and precise language is the piston that drives deep the emotion.
In poems like “The Knife” and “You Ask” Jaeger’s imagery lifts everyday incidents into the realm of what Rilke termed, “a tenderness toward existence.” These poems of compassion and awakening sing a truly American story.

–Pamela Uschuk, editor of Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts




Lowell Jaeger was his grandmother’s king of unspoken thinking, and inSuddenly, Out of a Long Sleep he remembers, re-imagines and speaks to us of the nameless art of lives entwining. In poem after vivid poem, with craft, dignity, and humor, he gives us the details, images and emotions that shape a life. This is the book of a son, a brother, a husband, a father, and a poet doing poetry’s good work.”    –Greg Pape, Poet and University of Montana Professor

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